Creating a promotion to start the engagement process.

May 22, 2020

Creating a promotion to start the engagement process - the details.

The first part to any promotion that requests a response from the prospect is determining the value exchange. The old “WIIFM” rule kicks in, tasking agencies with creating a promotional enticement to act.

Our service is initiated by sending in a photo (we will show you how easy it is in a minute).

So, your promotion could include having them send in:

  • a photo of their home office
  • their new assistant (probably Fido the dog or KitKit the cat perhaps?)
  • something authentic such as a photo of them before they get camera ready (maybe not that one!)
  • the new designer mask they made
  • Out jogging
  • you get the idea

And in exchange they might receive product discounts, specials, “sneak peeks” or other offers. Developing promotions with enticing value exchanges is what creative agencies do, so there will be plenty of good ideas available. The rest is easy. Participants click on a link that takes them to the photo web uploader.  Try it now yourself by clicking here to see how it easy it is and watch how the branded microsite develops.

Lots of possible marketing opportunities are now available to the brand to communicate directly on mobile with their customers. Click here to see more examples.

Watch a quick video (53 seconds) recapping the process here.

Contact us today for more details on creating a promotion and the best use of the microsite to meet your branding objectives.

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