DIY is Overrated

March 18, 2016

DIY is overrated.

(I paused for effect. Look at that. No lightning struck me dead.)

Seriously. When did being the Walmart of events become a thing? You must be a one stop shop for all things eventastic. And, you must do it all well. After all, we are a demanding people out here. When you open your doors for a client, you must be prepared to meet their demands with a smile… and a wand.

fairy godmother

That’s right. You just whip out a little bippidy-boppidy-boo and make all their wishes come true. You’ve got the time, resources and expertise to get it done. Right? If your client has a problem, you can solve it. All by your dern self. You’re not only their new fairy godmother, you are their Vanilla Ice.

All right stop. Collaborate and listen.




You are smart enough to know your limitations, accept them and play to your strengths. Do what you do and do it well. As for all those client wishes? You don’t have to say no because you’re not afraid to ask for help. Remember – the fairy godmother isn’t the star, Cinderella is. The wielder of the wand is in the background making the magic happen.

Clients ask you for the moon… In technicolor… With uber-shareability… And, of course, reporting. Such demands are begging for a partner. A silent partner. Your own event ghost writer. Working in the background. Weaving together technical tapestries. And making you look like a fierce event genius.


CTMi serves as an agency’s right arm. We learn what you are about and we listen... To things you’re saying, to things you want, to things you’ve only imagined. Whether you’re an international event megastar or a local marketing phenom, we got you. We work with our clients to specifically tailor each and every solution.


Pointing an agency in the direction of success is what we do. Our team cannot only create what you need, we can design options you didn’t know were possible. What can we say? We’re not that old fairy godmother with a wand. We wield a light saber.

we are the yoda of events



Overrated is DIY. Away from the dark side you must step.

Use our force.

“The force is strong with this one.”

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