Go Big or Go Home ... 40+ Event Solutions

August 19, 2019



Some things just go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Green eggs and ham. Billary. Brangelina. Kimye… And CTM Interactive with green screen.

grumpy cat



Break with tradition and pigeon-holed creations. Mix it up. Get crrrazy. Stereotypes and pigeon-holes are made to be destroyed. And here’s another you can throw out the proverbial window. CTM Interactive and Green Screen. It’s been a beautiful relationship…

But it’s time.

We’ve moved on. No… We’ve moved beyond.


Combinations are nice. We have a few of our own. Over 40, truth be told. That’s right. Check out our toolbox. The individual services are described in detail. And guess what? It isn’t twelve shades of green screen! Don’t misunderstand. Green screen is still a viable option. It’s just not your only option. Not anywhere close to your only option.

Each day faces you with another challenge… more events… more experiential ideas to execute. And more people to engage with another amazing idea.


Make our options your options. Take advantage of our tech. Give your events the experiences that engage attendees and spur social media shareability. We will help you determine the tools that go hand in hand with your event choices. We will consider your audience, footprint and budget, as well as your client’s desired outcome.


Bring us your brand. We’ll give you our best.

CTMi Stand-alones


tool puzzle pieces black


Social Wall Combos


tool combo 1


Contest Combos


tool combo 2



Printing Possibilities



onsite print image


41 choices for your next event. 41 ways to engage, entertain and entice your attendees to get social. We have combinations that are flexible. We offer combinations that work. We’re not just your carrots and peas… Our wicked interactive duos are like Pippen and Jordan.

At CTMinteractive, we go big so your clients can go home happy.

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What are your favorite event solutions? What possibilities would you like to see us explore?




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