Put the Selfie to Work … and Put Away All Those Apps

April 5, 2017
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How many selfies did you see this week? Seriously. Consider all the Facebook profiles, Twitter pics, LinkedIn shots, etc., featuring a selfie spot. Are they professional photos? Nah. People are taking matters into their own hands.

After all, who doesn’t live for a great selfie? Especially of the world’s next supermodel – your aunt Nancy. Her makeup was fresh. Her unfortunate lipstick was the perfect shade of orange. Rearview mirrors really do have the best lighting, right? It was a Kodak moment.

Aunt Nancy turns that Kodak moment into a profile pic. Now everybody who looks at her Facebook page knows she rocks Mary Kay’s Red Salsa.


The world loves a good selfie.

A brand’s new best friend

Despite picketing in the privacy of your home, the world does, in fact, adore the selfie. 50 billion duckfaces served up last year across social platforms can’t be wrong! The internet’s favorite pic is here to stay and it continues to take social media by storm with its propensity for organic mobile marketing. And that’s a good thing –- especially for brands.

“But why?” you ask. As a marketing ninja, if you haven’t asked yourself this question, do it. Why is the selfie-social-media craze a good thing for brands?

Three words… Authentic User Generated Content. Ok, that was four.

In part, because of a new technology process Activ8 Plus™ designed by CTM Interactive that now makes it easy to brand a selfie – minus the obligatory app.

Yep. Let that sink in…


How it works:

  1. Aunt Marty snaps a selfie (because, frankly, you may not have an aunt Nancy)
  2. Auntie sends it via MMS with a designated keyword.
  3. Photo is received by CTMi and a pre-determined, branded overlay is added to her photo.


You’re saying, “so what… ? How does this Selfie Spot work for me?"

5 Activ8 Plus™ Delivery Options

1.The beautifully-branded photo is returned to the user's cell, then the user may:

  • Save it to their camera roll
  • Forward it to friends
  • Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Tumbler, Kik, or any other wicked cool social space they are a part of… all with your branding front and center.

While this delivery method is the easiest for consumers, it limits the brand’s ability to obtain results and feedback,as well as cutting into the availability of detailed analytics from your Activ8 Plus™ activation.

2. Lickety split, a mobile-friendly link is sent to the user which takes them directly to a branded microsite when clicked, then:

  • The sponsor may ask strategic survey questions, collect email or other contact information.
  • The user can enter a contest or sweepstakes.
  • The newly-branded photo may be forwarded to friends via email.
  • The user is immediately given options to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest… all with your branding front and center.


Should those selfie-snap-happy people choose to share their photo from the link, then this is the best choice for racking up the most Activ8 Plus™ reporting.


3. A mobile-friendly link is sent to the user which shuttles them to the sponsor’s Facebook gallery, so:

  • Sponsors may drive traffic to their page and encourage the much desired “like”.
  • The user can share their pic to their personal Facebook page.
  • Photos can be downloaded and shared on any other social network including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Kik and more.

4. The photo can be sent via *FTP to anywhere, and then:

  • Stadiums can put the branded photo on a jumbotron.
  • It brings high entertainment value to any type of venue.
  • Photos can be moderated to ensure no “wardrobe malfunctions” make it live.

*Best when combined with other delivery options.

This is a fan favorite!


5. A branded photo kiosk located at the venue.

  • A kiosk (or three) can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Share those pics to social networks
  • Wearing out the kiosk by taking multiple pics
  • Doing some enhancement magic to the photo(s)
  • Printing a hard copy of the photo. (You know what that is, right? It goes in a frame for your desk.)

Ummm… Sooo?...

So, the selfie is our super schmoopy friend. Just like Aunt Nancy’s oh-so-lovely rrrRed Salsa works for her, it also works for Mary Kay as it reaches countless people on her social networks. In turn, the selfie can do the same for all of your brands. When it comes to selfie strategy, CTMi is picture perfect. Partner with us to determine the exact opportunity and results you need for organic mobile marketing, and learn all about Activ8 Plus™.

Seriously. Call me. I mean US. Call us.


Speak to me. How has the rise of the selfie affected your world and what are you doing about it ?

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