Take Her With You When You Go: 3 Reasons Why The Event Planner Must Be At Your Event (copy)

September 27, 2019
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What happened?

You had an ephiphany. You made big plans. People were going to be talking about your event for days. Weeks. They would tell their grandchildren!!

Oooh… they’re talking alright. They remember the photographs being in a weird place. The waiting. Too much waiting for the actual activities to start. And their disappointment hangs over you like a wet blanket.

What happened? The evening unraveled. Your Event Planner wasn’t there. The one person who could weave the threads of the night together was sorely missed.


3 Reasons Why An EP Must Be Present:

1. Event Planners understand the flow of an evening.

An EP is like your event’s interior designer. They know that having a bar right up front is ideal and having another inside the ballroom is key. Knowing what to put where can make all the difference. It’s their job to understand how a guest will best receive the evening and to lay it out accordingly.

2. Event Planners Understand How to Execute Effective Timing.

The adage is true. Timing is everything. A good EP knows her crowd. She knows that people will not dance right away and that if you serve a heavy meal, you must have seating for everyone with knives and forks and bread. And she knows when to serve the food. Anticipating needs and wants before they happen is in an EP’s wheelhouse.

3. Event Planners Understand Utilization of Vendors

Make the most of the money you’re paying those vendors! If you have employed a third party to bring value to the event, it makes sense that you actually want people to participate. An EP understands what your vendors are doing there and how to coordinate with them effectively. They will not put your photo registration in an awkward place that prevents it from being used. Activity partners must be part of the entertainment. Your Event Planner serves to help you seize potentially missed opportunities for event connection.


Bottom line. An Event Planner needs to be present at your events. Vendors will thank you. Guests will thank you. And your boss will thank you because all of the planning served its purpose.


Don’t watch guests leave grumbling. Trust an Event Planner to keep your event moving, the activities hopping and your people happy.

Talk to us. Have you seen events fail/succeed because of an event planner choice?

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