In-Person and Hybrid

Snap Booth

Roaming and stationary photo booths have stood the test of time being an anchor for fun in events across the globe. Our classic photo booth with modern touches allows participants to enjoy a personalized, shareable, on-brand experience.

Customize the experience

Branded Touchpoints

Photos, GIF, Boomerang
Allow participants to customize their photo experience with fun capture options
Allow participants to choose a branded overlay to customize their photo experience
Virtual Backgrounds
Use the power of AI to create an immersive participant experience with AI background removal
Data Collection

Capture high quality, first-party data.

Amplify your experience by collecting first-party data with the key data points you want, along with the insights you need to create personalized connections with participants.
Export Data Collected

Get real-time insights on your activation.

Our platform provides rich reporting metrics to give you the data you need to make better informed decisions. Whether it’s seeing how many users participated in your activation or measuring the amount of visitors to your website, our analytics has you covered.
Digital display

Drive participation and create visual impact.

Our live displays are designed to create visual impact and treat content with the respect they deserve. We take photos and videos and display the content in beautiful new ways, making the content more exciting and interactive.

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