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Revolutionize Event Sponsorship: Unlock New Revenue & Social Impact

Introducing our innovative walk-around photo booth – a mini billboard for sponsors, offering face-to-face engagement, cherished keepsakes, and viral social media sharing.




Every event is brought to life by its attendees. Imagine harnessing this collective energy into a powerful sponsorship opportunity that benefits not just the event, but also the attendees and sponsors. We specialize in creating just that – a memorable, branded photo experience using Snap N Share, our innovative branded walk around photo booth.

Snapta's Data

Kevin Roth, Program Director at Czarnowski Collective

“...I found Snapta to be a vital partner in supporting us in delivering a robust interactive brand experience for our clients ”

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How it Works

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Sample Sponsorship Package


Interactive Photo Experience Sponsorship Opportunity

Our event provides an exceptional platform for integrating your brand into an unforgettable experience. This sponsorship package focuses on interactive and engaging branding strategies, creating unique connections with our attendees.

Features of the Sponsorship:

  • Time-Honored Medium of Engagement: Photos have long been a cherished way for attendees to commemorate events with friends.

  • Emotional Brand Connection: Capturing photos with friends serves as the perfect starting point for building an emotional tie with your brand.

  • Branded Walk-Around Photo Booth: Designed like a mini-billboard, offering direct and engaging interaction.

  • Branded Microsite for Photo Retrieval: Facilitates social sharing and links to your promotional content or website.

  • Onsite Photo Display: Option for live display of images, enhancing the event's atmosphere.

  • Data Collection: Gain insights into attendee behaviors and preferences.

  • Metrics Sharing: Receive detailed post-event analytics, including image counts and engagement metrics.


Conclusion: In line with our projected attendance, we recommend [   ] systems. The pricing for this comprehensive service is [  ].


This approach is strategically designed to enhance attendee enjoyment and elevate your brand visibility, making it a key feature of our event.

Fully Customizable Microsite Delivery

Image Retrieval Microsite Example
Snapta Microsite Example

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