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Hey There, Sponsor Superstars!
Ready to Rock Your Sponsorship? 

Welcome to Snapta’s Walk-Around Photo Booth -

your new secret weapon in sponsorship activation! Forget those high-cost, complicated setups.

We're here to add a splash of fun and simplicity to your brand's event presence.



Every event is brought to life by its attendees. Imagine harnessing this collective energy into a powerful sponsorship opportunity that benefits not just the event, but also the attendees and sponsors. We specialize in creating just that – a memorable, branded photo experience using Snap N Share, our innovative branded walk around photo booth

Why We're a Sponsor's Dream

  • Comparatively budget-friendly and flexible as an acrobat – add more booths for bigger crowds!

  • You're gifting the event some pizzazz while making attendees’ day with memorable snaps.

  • The social sharing? Oh, it’s not just sharing; it’s brand broadcasting at its finest!

    The Snapta Difference:

  • Effortless Execution: Our service is as smooth as a magician’s sleight of hand, ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Crystal Clear Pricing: Just like a glass slipper, our pricing is transparent and a perfect fit for your needs. Contact us for a tailored quote.

  • Transformative Engagement: Join the Snapta photo fiesta and see your brand become the belle of the ball, captivating attendees and sparking conversations!

Get ready to dazzle and delight with Snapta – where every click is a step towards unforgettable brand magic!

Connect with us to learn how Snapta can enhance your next event.


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Kevin Roth, Program Director at Czarnowski Collective

“...I found Snapta to be a vital partner in supporting us in delivering a robust interactive brand experience for our clients ”
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